Welcome to the Rhode Island Criminal Law Blog!

Former clients and those who know the Law Office of Joseph Lamy are probably aware of my injury blog.  When I started my own practice six years ago after leaving a firm in Boston I began blogging right away as a way to reach new clients and discuss complex matters of injury law with Rhode Islanders and Massachusetts residents.

So, as the office has grown, it has become more full service to meet all of the needs of our awesome clients.  The approach that successfully grew my injury practice remains my approach in our criminal defense practice.

At our law office we believe each lawyer should focus on their area of expertise.  To that end, our criminal law group is led by Attorney Richard James, a criminal defense trial attorney with over twenty years of experience.  If you hire the law office of Joseph Lamy to help you with your criminal defense you will receive two trial attorneys ready to take your case the distance to ensure that you receive justice.Rich for blog

Attorney James has represented thousands of criminal clients ranging from simple misdemeanor to first degree murder and everything in between.  Richard James has represented many high profile cases including gang members, murder charges, and the most drunk person on record in RI to be charged with DUI.  He is a member of the RIACDL (Rhode Island Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers), is recognized as one of only three attorneys in RI by the College of DUI Defense Attorneys and is well respected among his peers (even if the prosecutors may not be happy to see him assigned to a case).

Attorney James has represented hundreds of DUI clients in RI court and the traffic tribunal.  He has an extremely high dismissal rate for DUI and while the RI Supreme Court does not specialize attorneys, Attorney James has been recognized by his peers as a masterful DUI defense attorney.

What is different about Attorney Richard James and the Law Office of Joseph Lamy?  It is our approach.  Both Attorney James and Lamy are experienced trial attorneys and prepare every case as if we are going to go to trial.  Preparation is everything.  We are not looking to negotiate a quick plea deal with the prosecution and then convince you to take it… we examine the evidence carefully, prepare a thorough defense and look for every available argument.  We add pressure to the prosecution by bringing cases to trial and ensuring that the prosecution proves their case.  Another thing separating us from our competition is that Attorney James constantly attends seminars and classes on criminal defense topics and is always looking to improve and learn cutting edge legal thinking and analysis.

If you have been charged with a crime or our looking to help someone charged with a crime, you owe it to yourself to hire a team that is absolutely driven to win.  Every case is personal, every case is important and if your freedom is on the line you will want to be confident knowing you have a team who does not accept mediocrity.