DUI… It’s Kind of Our Thing

Rhode Island does not certify any attorney in a particular practice area, but we like to think when it comes to DUI in Rhode Island… its kind of our thing.  Attorney James is in Court on a daily basis representing DUI defendants and breathalyzer refusal cases.  Word of mouth and an unrelenting need to win, have helped our office become established as one of the leading DUI defense firms in the State.  And even though we have had hundreds of DUIs dismissed (both before and after trial!), Attorney James is always striving to be better.  We’re not satisfied with good enough!

Attorney James spent this past week at a conference presented by the National College of DUI Defense at Harvard University in Boston. This intensive program included lecture on the most recent innovations in DUI defense, in-depth discussions of tactics and practices, and trial technique.


DUIs are a unique area of criminal defense practice.  For one, people arrested and charged with DUI run the social gamut… young and old, rich and poor, career criminal and those in trouble for the first time in their life.  Second, DUI can be very difficult to prosecute successfully and it is for that reason that we take a large number of DUI cases to trial.  The prosecution has to prove that you were driving your car while over .08 and hope that the cop did their job perfectly.  Just a couple of potential defenses include: Was the police stop justified? Was the field sobriety test implemented correctly? Was the breathalyzer test conducted properly and was the machine properly calibrated and tested.  If there is a defense to be made – rest assured, we’ll find it and fight like hell.

If arrested for DUI and/or breathalyzer refusal, your future, your career, and your license are all on the line.  You can hire an attorney who will plead you out to the States first offer or you can hire the firm that prepares for trial first and only accepts a plea as a distant Plan B.  Call our office an arrange a free consultation with Attorney James.

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