How to Choose a DUI Attorney

The good folks over at Huffington Post have written an article about hiring the right DUI attorney for your case.  Over 1 million people are arrested across the country for DUI and every one of them needs to hire an attorney with the experience and expertise to help ensure that this mistake does not completely derail their life.  We agree with the points made by Huffington Post and encourage you to call Attorney Richard James for a free no-hassle consultation.

Do your Research

Look into your potential attorneys experience and education.  Ask those close to you if anyone has knowledge of the attorney or his ability.  When you meet with a potential attorney, feel free to ask questions.  Your life is at stake so we encourage you to ask questions about our experiences, abilities and the circumstances of your particular case.  We feel comfortable that once you compare the reputation and experience of Attorney James to his compatriots, you will agree that he is the right choice.

Make a List of Potential Lawyers

The internet has made researching an attorney much easier than in previous years.  Before you had to ask a family member if they knew someone, and if not, you would go to the yellow pages and pray you hired the right person.  Now, an attorneys entire history is online and you can quickly identify the potential candidates to take your case.  Especially in a small state like Rhode Island, you will quickly come up with a short list of DUI attorneys.

Determine the Potential Attorney’s Qualifications

Too few people interview their potential lawyer.  It is absolutely appropriate and recommended to ask questions not only about your case but about the attorney, his experience and ability.  Has he or she dealt with the similar circumstances of your case?  If you feel absolutely certain that you have been wrongly charged, how willing is your attorney to take a case to trial?  What is his win/loss record at trial?

Schedule a face to face meeting

We offer a free no-hassle consultation.  Attorney James will spend as much time with you as you need to explain your situation and ask questions of him until you feel confident and absolutely certain that he is the right attorney for your DUI defense.  We never practice a hard sell or pressure clients at an initial meeting because we don’t have to.  We feel confident in our ability and believe that you will too once you have had a chance to meet with our office.

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI don’t risk your freedom or derail your career.  Hire one of the most experienced and tested DUI attorneys in Rhode Island, Richard James.  After all he is the attorney who represented the man charged with the highest ever blood alcohol level recorded in RI, .49.

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