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The Massachusetts highest Court ruled to allow those convicted of drug charges involving the disgraced lab chemist, Annie Dookhan, to seek a new trial.  The story began years ago when Ms. Dookhan, then a chemist at a Massachusetts Public Health lab, admitted to forging and falsifying evidence in drug cases for many years.  She is serving 3-5 years in jail for her crimes, but the repercussions are massive.

Ms. Dookhans job was to test evidence for the presence of illegal drugs and narcotics.  Her admission that she gave false positives for a number of samples she never tested which were later used at trial, has opened the door for hundreds of convicted felons to seek a new trial.  Even those who pled guilty to their charges are eligible to have the case re-examined because they may not have taken the plea deal if they were not under the false impression that the State found drugs.

Its shocking to me to think that innocent people are in prison right now convicted based on false evidence presented at trial.  Thankfully the truth came to light and now there is an open door for a possible resolution.  This will undoubtedly stress the Massachusetts Court and Prison system but it is an absolute necessity that justice come from such an awful act.